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I think accessories (jewelry in particular) might be my favorite part of getting dressed.  I’m certainly no expert, but here are a few rules I go by when accessorizing.

~Wear one big piece, but only one.  If I’m wearing big earrings, I’ll go with a small necklace, and vice versa.  I like pairing this look with a simple t-shirt or top.  For example:

Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee, $29.50.

Long Feather Earrings, $29.

Initial Necklace, $18.

Layers of the Sea Necklace, $78,

Creme Brulee Posts, $28.

~Tailor your accessories to the event you are attending.  If you are attending a wedding, accessories should be simple and elegant, nothing too over the top.  Save your bigger, glitzier pieces for a night out with the girls!  For example:

Vintage Avi Dress, $298.

Lace Trapeze Earrings, $32.

Cleft Cuff, $48.

Buttercup Clutch, $268. (only included this because it might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen)

Ruched Blouson Dress, $24.80.

Boho Fringe Earrings, $6.80.

Woven Pattern Cuff, $4.80.

~Never match your earrings and necklace.  If you love them both so much that you have to have them, please wear them separately.  Most likely if you wear them together its going to look overdone.  For example:

Fiorella Bib Necklace, $248.

Signature Spade Studs, $38.

Fiorella Statement Earrings, $128.

Say Yes “Smile” Necklace, $78.

~It is ok to mix metals, as long as you do it right.  I never mix really shiny gold or silver, but I love mixing the brushed metals together.  You can do this by layering, or finding a piece that has all the metals already mixed in.  For example:

Asymmetrical Bird Necklace, $18.

Mustache Necklace, $18. (must order for Kim and I)

Twisted Chain Choker Necklace, $24.

Pyramid Cuff Bracelet, $29.


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As I have said many times, I LOVE earrings.  They can make the most boring outfit so interesting and fun!  Lately, I have been really drawn to feathers.  I love how whimsical they are and all of the unique shapes.  Here are just a few that have caught my eye!

1.  Magenta Feather Earring, $3.80.

2.  Feather and Bead Earring, $4.80.

3.  Peacock Feather Drop Earring, $30.

4.  Festive Feather Earring, $4.80.

5.  Statement Feather Earring, $34.

6.  6. Dangling Feather Earring, $6.80.

7.  Colorblock Feather Earring, $4.80.

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I am usually more of a a big earring, small necklace (or sometimes no necklace) kind of girl.  However, if any, or preferably all, of these necklaces were added to my jewelry collection I’d instantly be converted into a necklace girl.  Love!!!!

1. Collier Grand Necklace, $428.

2. Collier Cravate Necklace, $378.

3. Collier Pistache Necklace, $378.

All from Anthropologie.

Gothic Shield Necklace

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I want to wear this with a plain black tee and wide leg pants!!


Fun Necklace!

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What a great way to add a little color to any simple outfit!


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1. Forever 21 Beaded Scarf, $7.80

2. Anthropologie Henley, $58

3. Anthropologie Sofia Shades, $30

4. Forever 21 Rosette Headband, $4.80

5. H&M Dress, $24.95

6. Forever21 Quilted Clutch, $24.80

7. TopShop Patent Platform, $125

8. Urban Outfitters Tulle Skirt, $68

9. Forever21 Beaded Necklace, $6.80

10. OPI Samoan Sand Polish, $4.50

11. Anthropologie Vest, $128

Favorite Colors for Spring: Navy and Coral

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I have always loved these 2 colors.  Only recently did I discover how amazing they look together!!  I am loving navy tops and blouses paired with coral accessories right now. Here are some of my favorites:





























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