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I have the opportunity to work for a company that not only promotes learning as it relates to your job, but also as it relates to personal growth.  I took a class the other day that centered around ‘Delivering Happiness’, the book that Tony, our CEO, wrote.  At the end of the class we did a quick exercise that I’ve been thinking about ever since, so I thought I would share.  Hope you enjoy!  xoxo

Happiness Exercise:

-Spend about 5 minutes writing down the happiest moments of your life.  Try and jot down as many as you can think of.

-Once you have them written down, read them out loud and see if you notice any common themes.  For example, all of my happiest moments centered around memories with family & friends, as well as times in my life where I felt a great deal of self-awareness, accomplishment, & independence.

-Next, with those themes in mind, write down little things that you can do each day to proactively bring more happiness into your life.  For me, happiness doesn’t get much better than randomly doing something nice for someone else, so this one is at the top of my list.

-Finally, remember to do them.  🙂


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