August 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Vacation always leaves me with a different perspective on life.  I was especially excited about my trip to Europe because it was something completely new and different than anything I’ve ever experienced.  We were in London for 4 days and then had 4 days in Paris.  The one word that keeps coming to mind when someone asks me how my trip was is ‘amazing’.  I really fell in love with the architecture, streets, little cafes, and just the general way of life.  I have to say that London was my favorite; I love how even though it is such a big city it still feels quaint.  Navigating on the tube was super easy (mind the gap!) and there is something about the British accent that I find completely irresistible.  Here are just a few pictures from our trip (more to come on Facebook, I promise!):

{Our London hotel room which was TINY but amazing!}
{Had an obsession with all the street signs, such a nicer way to say ‘yield’}

{Westminster Abbey. Got in trouble for taking this. Oopsie!}

{Our first London meal, traditional Pub food. So good!}
{Guards at Buckingham Palace. How do they stay so serious all the time??}
{They turned the bed down for us every night and left chocolate. Heaven.}
{Harrod’s. 5 floors of heaven.}
{One of my favorite areas of London}
{I have a *few* pictures of the Eiffel tower.}
{The Louvre.}
{View from our cruise down the river.}
{Notre Dame.}
{My favorite French fare. Steak frites.}
{Nutella Crepe. Yes.}
{Champagne on the last night. Served by a beautiful French man.}

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