At-Home Manicure.

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

After painting my nails at home for so long I think I have finally perfected my process.    Here are the five steps I follow for the perfect at-home manicure*:

{Manicure Supplies}

Step 1: Apply a liberal amount of cuticle eliminator (I love this one) to nail base and cuticles and let it sit for 2 minutes.  Push cuticles back and peel them off.  It sounds gross but it works!  Then wash hands to clean off excess cuticles.

Step 2:  File and buff nails.  I use a regular nail file first to get them to the desired length and shape.  Then I use a buffing block (I have this one) to smooth the raw edges and shine the nail.

Step 3:  Apply a base coat to nails.  I just use the Ulta brand and it works great.

Step 4:  Carefully apply 2 coats of nail polish.  I say carefully because the slower you go, the less touching up you will have to do when you are done.  I just dip a Q-tip in polish remover if I need to touch-up, but I have heard great things about this also.

Step 5:  Apply shiny top coat.  I use the Ulta brand but also like the OPI one.

*The only thing missing is the hand massage, which in my opinion is the only advantage of going to a nail salon.


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