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So, my friend and I were discussing this topic the other day: Being a gentleman.  What does that really mean in today’s society?

For the most part it seems like this is a thing of the past, and I think that is unacceptable.  Now I must admit, nearly all of the guys I have dated have, for the most part, been gentlemen.  They would open my car door for me almost every time, and one even had a little brother who would sprint to the car to get there before me to have it open and waiting for me to get in.  It was very sweet and made me smile every time.  This same guy would even stand up from the dinner table every time I did as a courtesy, which at first made me go, “Ummm what the heck is wrong with you?”  I had just never seen anyone do that before.  It was very nice and appreciated.

Sadly, I think this type of behavior is the exception not the rule.  Why is that?  Obviously we don’t need you to open our car door for us, just like we don’t need you to come pick us up, or even pay for dinner.  However, you should do it because it is nice and respectful.  End of story.

Now ladies, I do think we play a part in this.  I think we have come to accept this lack of gentlemanly behavior because it is so hard to find.  Next time you are going on a date with your boyfriend/husband/boy toy, say (in a sweet, nice way), “Honey (insert desired pukey pet name), I am so excited for our date.  But, if you plan on opening (or closing) any doors later tonight, maybe you should start with the one on my side of the car.”  I bet he’ll get the picture.

Cute story (which gave me hope that maybe all chivalry is not dead):

I was walking into the food court at Short Pump mall the other day.  A dad and 10-year-old(ish) son were walking out the same time I was coming in.  The dad opened the door to hold it for me, and the little boy started walking through.  As he was doing this the dad grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him back towards him and said, “Boy, I better never see you do that again.  When a lady is coming through you hold the door for her and let her come through first.  You need to pay more attention.”  So cute. 🙂

{Always a gentleman}


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