Friday Thoughts.

July 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s ok if…

…you can’t even imagine eating a meal without dessert.

…your boobs are so small you don’t even need to wear a bra.  And you like them anyway*.

…you are nice to people, even when they aren’t nice to you.

…you think finding someone who will leave you sweet little notes is much more important than finding someone who will buy you a big diamond ring.

…your husband/boyfriend/gay husband doesn’t like the jeans you are wearing.  You aren’t wearing them for him anyway.

…you adore children, but are thankful you don’t have your own yet.

…you can feel your butt jiggle when you run, walk, or basically do anything.  And you secretly love it.

…sometimes you dream about leaving behind everyone and everything that is familiar to experience something new, but haven’t quite mustered up the courage to do it.

…you think your friends are the most beautiful people you could ever meet, on the inside.  And they just happen to be equally as beautiful on the outside.  (Its really not fair.)

… you prefer to eat like a 5-year-old (corn dog nuggets, goldfish crackers, french fries, pop-tarts, fruit snacks) over eating like an adult.

*Most days.


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