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I love getting mail, and when I say mail I’m talking about the good stuff.  Not bills, stupid credit card offers, or coupons for Hunan Express.  I get SO excited when I see a new magazine or a card with my name on it in the mail.  It is especially fun when its unexpected and really for no reason other than that someone was thinking of you (see below 🙂 ).  I get equally as excited to send things to my friends/family in the mail.  Maybe I am a little old-fashioned, but I just think cards are so much more personal than an email/text/FB message, and only requires a little more effort.  What do you think?  Do you get as excited by receiving mail as I do??  xoxo


At-Home Manicure.

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After painting my nails at home for so long I think I have finally perfected my process.    Here are the five steps I follow for the perfect at-home manicure*:

{Manicure Supplies}

Step 1: Apply a liberal amount of cuticle eliminator (I love this one) to nail base and cuticles and let it sit for 2 minutes.  Push cuticles back and peel them off.  It sounds gross but it works!  Then wash hands to clean off excess cuticles.

Step 2:  File and buff nails.  I use a regular nail file first to get them to the desired length and shape.  Then I use a buffing block (I have this one) to smooth the raw edges and shine the nail.

Step 3:  Apply a base coat to nails.  I just use the Ulta brand and it works great.

Step 4:  Carefully apply 2 coats of nail polish.  I say carefully because the slower you go, the less touching up you will have to do when you are done.  I just dip a Q-tip in polish remover if I need to touch-up, but I have heard great things about this also.

Step 5:  Apply shiny top coat.  I use the Ulta brand but also like the OPI one.

*The only thing missing is the hand massage, which in my opinion is the only advantage of going to a nail salon.

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I really enjoy working out.  It is by far my favorite thing to do to wind down after a long day of work.  Lately I’ve been noticing gym attire.  A lot of people wear huge t-shirts and big, baggy sweatpants to work out in.  I guess you’ve got to wear whatever works for you.  But, for me the only thing I want to do when I put on my sweatpants is lay on the couch.  I just don’t think I’d be able to get a good work out in while wearing big clothes that don’t fit.  So, I choose to wear outfits I feel cute in, that are mostly black because I sweat like a dude (its true and I’ve come to accept it).  There are so many freaking adorable gym clothes out there that don’t break the bank.  I think if you really want to burn some calories, start by feeling cute and confident in what you wear to work out in.  I bet you’ll get your heart rate up, and yours won’t be the only one 😉  Here are some pieces I love (all under $25):

1. Champion Running Capri in Grey/Yellow $24.99 (I am obsessed with this style, they do amazing things for the booty).

2. Ankle Zip Athletic Pants, $15.80.

3. Striped Athletic Crop Top, $6.80.

4. Champion Yoga Cami, $14.99.

5. Banded Contrast Pants, $17.80.

6. Champion Running Capri, $24.99.

7. High Impact Racerback Sports Bra, $13.80.

8. Champion Seamless Fashion Cami, $16.99.

Metallic Nails.

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Loving my nail color today…super metallic and shimmery.  And only $2.24!!

Sally Hansen Celeb City

Blacksburg, VA.

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I am lucky enough to come to Blacksburg once a month for my job.  For some reason, my trip this week has left me feeling so nostalgic.  I was so lucky to have been able to spend 4 years of my life here.  I took some time this afternoon and evening to drive around town to some of my favorite spots, including around campus (I miss it soooo much!!!).  Here are some of the reasons why I love this town:

-When you look around from basically anywhere you can see the beautiful landscape of the mountains.  It really makes me realize that I want to live near mountains one day.

-The summers here are so relaxing, and much cooler (and less humid) than most parts of Virginia.  I spent two summers here during college and couldn’t have been happier.

-The quaint downtown area that boasts a farmer’s market as well as many local restaurants, shops, and bars is right on the edge of campus.  And although most of the places are small, you can be sure to find somewhere F-U-N.  Big Al’s, TOT’s, Gillie’s, and Mill Mountain Coffee are some of my favorite spots*.

-Football.  Ok, you all knew this was coming.  But, if you haven’t been to a game here it is quite THE experience.

{So true}

{I always love driving by this}

{Where all the magic happens}

*Other favorite spots not located downtown include Macado’s (I could eat here everyday) and Carol Lee Donuts (my old roommate and I used to walk there and then reward ourselves with fresh donuts, hey at least its exercise!).

Snakeskin pedicure.

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So my friend told me about this and I looked it up to find out more info because I was confused.  They actually apply real (disinfected) custom-cut snakeskin to your toenails.  It does look pretty cool, but according to this article on people are spending $300 on this!!!!  Excuse me????  I don’t care if you apply diamond chips to my toenails and then scratch my back for 3 hours.  I would never pay even close to this for a pedicure!!

Fall Accessories.

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I said a couple of weeks ago that I am already starting to think about Fall clothes.  I’m such a sucker for tall boots and big, cozy sweaters, plus this heat has me dreaming about cooler temperatures.  I’ve been seeing a lot of animal prints on fall accessories this year and I think they are adorable!  When paired with black (one of my favorite colors) or neutrals these prints will really stand out.  Need to make these Steve Madden wedges mine ASAP to be paired with skinny black pants, a really thick, chunky black sweater, and big gold earrings.  Yes please.

1. Steve Madden Wicked 2 Wedge, $150.

2. Timex ‘Easy Rider’ Leather Strap Watch, $60.

3. Leopard Print Hairclips, $1.50.

4. Betsey Johnson Leopard Heart Studs, $25.

5. Via Spiga Skinny Animal Print Belt, $38.

6. Betsey Johnson Leopard Collar Necklace, $79.90.

7. Ruched Cheetah Spots Scarf, $7.80.

8. Animal Print Dress, $22.80.

9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Animal Print Hobo Bag, $278.

10. Metallic Leopard Print Wallet, $12.80.

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