Before & After: New Dresser

May 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

I said a while ago that I had been searching for a new dresser.  I wanted a cheap one from a thrift store that I could make-over into something really unique.  I had been searching for a few weeks and having no luck.  My brother recently bought a house.  The previous owners had left behind one piece of furniture: a dresser (that I actually liked!).  It must have been meant to be!  It had plenty of drawer space and I knew with a couple coats of paint and some new hardware I could make it something great.  Here is what I did:

Before (Big and clunky):

Paint and Sanding:

I picked a chocolate brown color (yes, I picked the one appropriately named Chocolate Cupcake) for the base coat and a light aqua for the top coat.  I sanded the dresser with an electric sander to smooth some of the nicked up spots.  Then I painted it the chocolate brown color and let it dry.  After that I painted over it with a coat of the aqua.

Sanding (Again) and New Hardware:

Once the top coat of paint was dry I took the sander to it again.  I wanted to give it a distressed, vintage look.  I nicked up the corners a little so the chocolate brown color would show through.  Then I changed out the knobs to the new ones I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!


The final step is lining the drawers with contact paper.  I couldn’t find the print I wanted anywhere so I had to order it from Amazon.  Once that arrives I will line the drawers to finish!

Kittrich Black Print Contact Paper

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