New Shatter.

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So, as if I didn’t love the black and the silver shatter enough, OPI has now come out with a whole collection of new shatter colors.  My favorite is the navy (seen below over white).  Which is your favorite?


Red, White, and Cute.

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Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Today marks the official start of summer, and the go-ahead to wear white pants and shoes (I’ve been cheating!).  I leave for VEGAS on Thursday (YAYYYY!!!) so I don’t have much planned other than a cookout later and probably a trip to the fountains with my 2 favorite munchkins.  What are you doing to celebrate?  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!  xxxx

Blue Stripe Seersucker Ruffle Swimsuit, $56.

TOMS Classic University Slip-on, $53.95.

Gingham Top Frame Flat Sunglasses, $32.

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I love skirts.  I am especially fond of anything jersey, stretchy, and high-waisted.  They are so comfortable and because of my body shape, much more flattering than other styles.  Here are a few that I love right now, in various lengths.

1. Knit Pencil Skirt, $9.80.

2. Bodycon Referee Skirt, $7.80.

3. Spotty Woven Skirt, $14.80.

4. Navy Skinny Stripe Pencil Skirt, $66.

5. Discreet Designs Skirt, $128.

6. Silence & Noise Pencil Skirt, $29.

7. Knit Stripe Maxi Skirt, $33.50.

8. Coral Sheer Stripe Maxi Skirt, $56.

9. Water’s Edge Skirt, $88.

Shatter nails.

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After wearing this color last week (which I can’t get enough of) I decided to go for the shatter look this week.  If you haven’t tried it I definitely suggest it!  The best part is it keeps your nails looking nice so much longer than regular polish.

20.5 carats. What????

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So, apparently I live under a rock because when my very lovely and beautiful friend texted me yesterday, ‘Freaking  20.5 carat ring for Kim K’ I had no clue what she was talking about.  After I was clued in my first response was, well I guess he needed to give her a ring as big as her butt?  (I think he achieved it)  Anywho, I looked it up this morning to see what all the fuss is about (pic below from  Am I the only one who thinks it is terrible??  And how much does it weigh???  I bet that thing would snag all my $10 H&M sweaters immediately.  So not cool.

Empire State of Mind

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This past weekend was spent in one of my FAVORITE cities.  We went to New York City to celebrate my friend Erica, who is getting married in just a couple of weeks.  We stayed at an amazing hotel, ate great food (hot donuts and milkshake shots…excuse me??), and danced all night long.  Despite a little rain, it was a perfect weekend.  Why did we have to leave??

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Sometimes certain things just go together.  I stumbled across this book on and immediately envisioned sitting at a little French coffee shop.  And I’m pretty sure these Chloe ballet flats would pair perfectly with ANYTHING.

Parisian Chic: A Style Guide, $17.97.

Delicious Cafe Au Lait Recipe.

Chloe Square-Toe Ballet Flats, $425.

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